How Often is IV Therapy Recommended?

The frequency of treatment will depend on the individual clients needs as well as their condition being treated. For more acute conditions, such as an oncoming cold or athletic event, one to two treatments may be required. In preparation for a more strenuous athletics events such as a marathon or bodybuilding, or in anticipation of high stress events such as travel and/or wedding. An infusion can be used weekly. The infusions can also be given monthly for more chronic conditions or for general health maintenance and immune support.

What to Expect Prior to Patient Treatment?

All IV therapy is under the direction of a board certified medical provider prior to treatment, a complete and thorough medical history is obtained. This history will include all medications and known drug allergies. Absolute contraindications with vitamins and nutrients include uncontrolled hypertension, heart failure, compromised renal function, liver disease, alcohol abuse, chemotherapy, and/or radiation therapy, recent surgery and a confirmed allergy to any of the ingredients.

What are Possible Side Effects/Reactions?

Given too fast, an IV may lower blood pressure causing warmth, dizziness or faintness. The only known allergic reaction to IV nutrients has been when using those with preservatives, and these reactions are quite rare. Some patients may experience burning at the localized IV site. As with any injectable treatment, there is always a risk of infection or phlebitis, although it is also very rare.

I’m pregnant, can I get IV therapy?

Yes, however we are not treating pregnant clients as this time.

How often can I get IV therapy?

The frequency of treatments is determined on a patient by patient basis and can be discussed during initial consultation.

Can a child receive IV therapy?

Yes, however we are not treating children under the age of 18 at this time.

Can I have allergic reaction to IV therapy?

Allergic reactions to IV therapy are very rare. The vitamins are all naturally present in the body. However, allergic reactions can occur if a patient is allergic to any nutrient that contains a preservative.

Do you take insurance or carecredit?

We currently do not accept any type of insurance or carecredit. Any major credit card and cash are accepted.

How long do the effect of IV therapy last?

The benefits from IV therapy can last up to 2-4 weeks, but is very patient dependent.

How long will I be in the office for an IV therapy treatment session?

Treatment times vary; certain additives to an IV drip may require a slower speed of administration for maximum effectiveness. Average time is 30-45 minutes.

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